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This year “convergence” is set to be one of the big talking points across a wide range of sectors, but in technology in particular. Irrespective of the sector, three main themes emerge around convergence time and again: people, process and technology.

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  • Service excellence
    The other day I had to replace my intercom – it had fallen victim to our winter conditions and was due for replacement. When I phoned my local security company, I was met with the age-old scenario: “S …
  • Has IT lost its mojo?
    Every day, I hear the same statement: “IT must align to the business”. This got me thinking, and I asked the question, “Is this really right thing to do?” What has driven this type of thinking or tren …
  • What’s been happening with cloud computing in 2014 – Part 2
    In part 1, we discussed and analysed a couple of current cloud computing trends. Below is the continuation. Organisations are indicating continued growth in cloud benefits Many organisations have alre …
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