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Change management is an issue most organisations contend with as client needs and business trends demand responsive adaptation. In the banking world, failing to anticipate and adequately adapt to change can result in reputational damage or lost revenue. It can also mean substantial fines and lost opportunities.

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  • Transformational programmes or…not?
    During the last few years of my working life, I have come across a few programmes or projects that are aimed at bringing value to the business. These programmes/projects are often referred to as trans …
  • Greater Success
    I have worked at Ovations for six months now, and truly believe I work for an amazing company that is poised for even greater success. It has an extremely unique business model that is totally based a …
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    These 12 key aspects of mobile platforms represent our views from talking to customers and evaluating providers in mobile. Security Enterprise mobile apps have to be certified secure and resistant to …
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