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Ovations consultants complete certified DocFusion training

Ovations has taken another step to reinforce its position as the South Africa’s leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and content services partner. This month saw Ovations cement their partnership with AIS DocFusion by sending some of its senior consultants to complete a comprehensive technical training track on the DocFusion offering. DocFusion is a dynamic template-driven document composition and automation engine designed to help you manage all of [...]

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Getting Fit for Process – The road to Gold…

How do you train for an endurance event like the Comrades Marathon, the Cape Epic or the Iron Man? Well most of the people who have been through this personal achievement will probably give you their own regime and how they prepared, but the common element that all of them will have put in is time!  ie there are just no short cuts to the training itself. The time [...]

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The ‘Year of the Hybrid Cloud’ – a weather forecast?

It was a simple gesture of gratitude that really got me thinking. A colleague of mine, freshly promoted to the head of his company’s Cloud Business Unit, planted a seed.  I wished him well and joked that, according to ancient Gartner mythology, 2016 is in fact “Year of the Cloud”. His reply was simply: “Thanks – actually it is “Year of the Hybrid Cloud”. Year of the [...]

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How Authenticated Collections will stop debit order abuse

Around 10 years ago, new payment systems were implemented to assist fair processing of payments from debtors to creditors via debit orders, but new developments are now underway for improved security. These payment systems are known as Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders (NAEDO) and Authenticated Early Debit Orders (AEDO).  NAEDO and AEDO payment services process debit orders against the account holder’s current, certain savings and transmission accounts. NAEDO [...]

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Ask what an LMS can do for you

We are often confronted with the question, “which LMS are you using?” or maybe even “are you using an LMS?” Let us just slow this down for a second and start at the beginning. As the shift has moved towards eLearning, and the blended approach to learning, more and more companies have seen the value in providing training materials that users can access online in their own [...]

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Would you like some classroom with that?

It seems that classroom teaching was banished from the thoughts of many and kicked out in favor of eLearning and web based content. The value of blended learning Sometimes we overlook the value of something, purely because it has been around for a while. Such is the case with blended learning. As always when something new comes around, we tend to abandon all in favour of the [...]

Default is in our stars

Phillip Davis, Senior Training Facilitator from the Ovations Academy on the importance of IT certification. I often carry on about the importance of IT certification in our environment. Contrary to popular belief, I am not on the receiving end of a heap of free t-shirts and mouse pads every couple of months (although that would be nice!) I am not at all concerned with the fact that [...]

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Education: First line of defense in cyber security

Why education needs to be seen as the first line of defense in our battle against cyber crime. We cannot expect users to automatically know what to be on the lookout for when it comes to cyber security, hence education needs to be seen as the first line of defense in our battle against cyber crime. We are being bombarded by warnings in news feeds telling us [...]

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What’s under the hood of IBM’s new release of BPM 8.5.7?

We talk to Ruan Venter and Chett Carmichael from Ovations, about what the new release of IBM’s BPM 857 means for customers, drilling down into the key benefits and features. IBM BPM 8.5.7 is not a major release, so why are we excited about it? Chett While 8.5.7 isn’t a major release as such, the focus of the enhancements is really around the ease of deploying this [...]