DocFusion is a fully modular document generation and automation suite designed to handle all of your company’s daily business needs.

Enjoy optimum document generation and automation features, including:

  • Digital signatures
  • Dynamic barcodes
  • Highly customisable templates
  • Workflow

Combine DocFusion with any of our integrated components for a scalable technology solution that can meet all your business requirements and levels of complexity.

DocFusion can help you manage the ever-increasing volume of documents and data that your business needs to handle on a daily basis. As the name implies, DocFusion combines key elements of modern document generation and management, including digital signatures, dynamic barcodes and workflow.

The DocFusion solution features safe, secure, high quality and consistent dynamic document generation capability with vital benefits for organisation including:

  • Highly customisable templates with complexity level driven by your requirements
  • Multiple templates can be used and combined, and each template can source information or draw on information sent from the point of call
  • Your resulting documents are entirely dynamic with the numbering and references updating automatically as paragraphs are included, appended or omitted
  • You can use any number of templates with each drawing its own information from the back-end store
  • DocFusion’s post-processing ability allows your organisation to produce documents in multiple formats and distribute them through numerous channels according to your requirements

These benefits are made possible by the following technology:

  • Software Orientated Architecture (SOA)
  • Federated Services allow for horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Centralised template configuration and governance
  • Version control of template configuration
  • Flexible .NET API for multiple extension points in data transformation, processing and document processing layers
  • Scalable document template design allows final documents to vary widely in complexity
  • Document template libraries allow for a single point for editing multiple templates, simplifying enterprise-wide governance of templates
  • Segregation of user roles and responsibilities for template design allows business users to maintain the static portions of templates while developers work on the technical aspects
  • Design-time testing of templates allows the designer to test all possible scenarios of the template by modifying sample data, ensuring that integration with client applications runs as smoothly as possible
  • Multiple document output formats, including PDF, Word, HTML and others
  • Post-processing of documents allow for multiple distribution channels such as email,
  • Sharepoint, file system, SMS and CMS
  • Capability to consume multiple source data formats (CSV, XML, .NET Dataset,
  • DB2/SQL Database)
  • Digital Signatures (biometric, tablet, visible/invisible, certificates, Cloud signing)
  • Dynamic Barcodes
  • Workflow
  • DocFusion is certified to work with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012