Every business has goals, but the interesting part — and what business process management actually is — is the exact steps a business will take to achieve those goals.

Business Process Management is the process of analyzing and improving business processes to create a more efficient and effective organization. Business process management is neither task management or project management (although it can occur within the context of a project).

It’s not a technology, or a onetime thing. You don’t ever consider your processes ‘fully managed’ or optimized. Whether or not someone in the company has it in their job title or description, business processes are in a constant state of flux. BPM is always questioning the current state of operations.


  • Improved Business Agility in allowing business owners to make pauses in its business processes, implement changes and re-execute it.
  • Reduced Costs and Higher Revenues by trimming down the costs associated to business process execution
  • Higher Efficiency brought by the integration of organization processes from start to finish
  • Better Visibility by allowing process owners to keep track of performance