As with any other revolutionist period, Disruption is eminent, if not constant. The writing is on the wall for the IT heavyweights. Of late even high skilled industries such as law and medicine are opening up to technological innovation. Luckily there are ways to ready businesses for disruption, and it starts with embracing disruption and owning up to the challenges in an orderly fashion.

Innovation is at the heart of all things Ovations and we believe that our customers talk to us because they also value innovation. Innovation cannot be bought, nor does it respect rank! Each occurrence has to be valued, protected and nurtured.

 At Ovations we pride ourselves in the breadth of skills that our consultants, developers and support engineers have to offer. This is a key enabler for the Ovations digital offering.

Capabilities that make up Ovations digital


Cloud has and will continue to disrupt how businesses see infrastructure. Whether you chose to manage the cloud simply for infrastructure or wanting to leverage the value of the SaaS offerings, the cloud is here to stay and has to form part of every business strategy. Ovations experience can help you identify the value through our cloud classification scheme. Ovations can also bring together multiple capabilities into a continuously evolving platform hosted on any of our partnered cloud offerings.

Digital transformation

Ovations can help you change the way you do business. There are a number of ways where Ovations can assist a business in modernisation. Our advisory services include: Digital strategy definition, Business change, Cloud adoption Roadmaps, Cloud reference architecture, Adopting Lean or Agile and more.

User experience design

User Experience design stands in it's own right as users no longer read or even expect manuals. User experience design has become a key enabler for user adoption. There are a number of benefits to the enterprise; it reduces cycle times for validating design choices, aids training and stakeholder campaigning and much more. Ovations offer UX design as a stand-alone offering and in many digital proposals we incorporate it into the agile proposal pricing.


The dawn of the new digital area have impacted few domains as much as data. With the scalable processing and new data processing algorithms, it has not only become possible to get a grip on the business data, it also brought down the cost and as a result upped the value of all data sources. Ovations has the ability to sit with business to explore the options and to then execute on a flexible approaches to implement. Think image processing, meta data extraction, low cost storage, learning and prediction on structured and unstructured data. Lastly, Google like searching allows us to look for and even be notified of business scenarios.


Mobile is a low friction channel that brings your business into the users and consumers homes. Developing mobile applications however requires a very different approach with users expecting to discover new features rather then reading manuals. Intuitive designs and fast ideation with short but detailed feedback loops are key. Ovations also have experience in developing both Hybrid and native applications and can assist you in establishing the correct in-house capability.


Ovations has actively used Atlassian and other best of breed DevOps platforms for over 10 years. We have learned a lot and we are keen to help you take the shortcuts and even learn through solving new challenges. Whether you're wanting to set-up a full Microsoft dev shop, or try to implement a cross platform capability, we can help.


Ovations have a proven track record for both assisting our customers adopt and delivering to our customers using agile. As a consultancy we have seen most permutations on agile methodologies, our preference is still to deliver lean features using agile in short cycles, but we do respect that there are cases where we need to incorporate governance and compliance milestones in order to satisfy auditors. Agility allows us to best support our core principles of disruption through lean innovation.

New technologies

Innovation in technology is the biggest stimulant for change and business. If we want to be the business causing the disruption we have to be actively looking at new technology and it's impact within and around our industry. At Ovations we are actively looking at and experimenting with new technology in order to identify possible value to you. If there is a specific technology that you want to evaluate, speak to Ovations about an assessment, we might have experience in it or be able to provide a resource to take care of it for you.