There is a rich world of data living within your documents.

As we’ve moved into the digital age, organizations have faced several challenges with content creation, management, and distribution—for both paper-based content as well as digital content.

Enterprise content management (ECM) provides organizations with a platform to house unstructured content and deliver it in the proper format to multiple enterprise applications. With this technology, you can efficiently build content-rich business applications, reuse content, and integrate hundreds of content services with other business applications

Who are your clients? Do you have a single view across your organization? Is your client information easily accessible or in separate areas and systems within the business? Know your customer by knowing your content. Let Ovations help you do this by enabling easy access to your content. Enterprise content management not only improves operational efficiencies but also your customers’ experience and satisfaction. There is a rich world of data living within your documents.


Strategic Advisory

Positioning and defining your Content Services Platform enablement strategy

Analysis, Architecture & Design

Your Content Services Platform, Capabilities and Classification

Minimum Viable Product

Iterative solution delivery


Implementation, Integration, Migration and Change Management

Maintain & Improve

Performance Tuning, Solution Support and Optimization


Organizations benefit in a variety of ways by implementing ECM technology. Because ECM allows organizations to control access to content, maintain audit trails and histories, and automate the disposition of content based on consistent policies, it helps to minimize risk and apply control around the content lifecycle.

ECM helps to;

  • decrease costs,
  • automate processes,
  • reduce resource bottlenecks,
  • share content effectively,
  • minimize the number of lost documents
  • better manage risk.