Ovations to provide local support and delivery of the Atlassian tools: Supporting teams through agile delivery

Ovations is pleased to announce that it has been appointed a local Atlassian Worldwide Solution Partner, providing customers with access to, and support around the company’s full set of solutions that simplify the delivery of agile projects.

Having worked with the Atlassian products to support task planning and documentation of its own projects for more than 10 years, Ovations has noticed a need amongst the local market to assist with the effective adaptation of the Atlassian solutions within its client base.

“Atlassian is known globally as the development tool to have, in order to foster and promote effective agile project development and delivery,” states Gean Boegman, associate director at Ovations. “We have watched how the product has grown with interest and have seen exceptional results with it within our own teams, however we have seen some customers battle to get it working optimally in their environment”.

“It is with this that we have decided to provide Atlassian customers with the opportunity to partner with Ovations, where we can then provide them with the skills and support they need to ensure the effective rollout and use of the solution.”

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Ovations has already rolled out the product and worked with it at a number of enterprise customers within the South African landscape. The company supports the full stack of Atlassian solutions and is actively using 90% of the solution stack. Boegman says that the scalability of the solution is excellent as it can be used in small DevOps environments of only three – four people, right though to large enterprise businesses with multiple portfolios.

While Atlassian has no channel model per se, the Ovations team advises that there will be no additional cost if procured through Ovations. Through Ovations, customers will have access to certified support teams that can assist with the rollout of the solution, the optimisation of current deployments, as well as a local contact to tap into when required. Additional benefits include the ability to leverage off of Ovations’ current BEE rating as well as having a local invoice for accounting and compliance needs without the need for credit card payment.

Atlassian is, according to Boegman, vastly used as a task management tool for software development, and is well known especially within the world of agile development, now the global de facto management method. The solutions are made up of three primary categories, including: plan, track and support; collaborate and chat; as well as code, build and ship.

“The product is the perfect solution for task management, source control, collaboration and to support continuous delivery of your development environment. We have already assisted a number of customers to more effectively deploy Atlassian, the results of which have been well received by our customers and they report on massive productivity gains as a result of the products,” adds Boegman.

“Furthermore, as a business Ovations places enormous value on collaboration and we have an open philosophy in our own development that is supported by both Agile and Lean, collaborative platforms, all of this is supported and underpinned by Atlassian.”

The full Atlassian stack includes: Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, Statuspage, Confluence, Trello, Stride, Hip Chat, BitBucket, SourceTree, Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible and Crowd. For more information visit www.atlassian.com.

For more information around how you can secure Atlassian though Ovations, contact: Gean Boegman or Deon van Niekerk at Ovations.

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